Monday, June 20, 2011

What are you reading now?

Anyone following me on Facebook or Twitter--well, maybe not Twitter so much--will know that I have recently developed a fondness for ebooks. I fought off the urge for a long time, then a friend of mine showed me the error of my ways through the iBooks phenomenon. Even though I am not a big fan of Kindle, it is still a viable ebook platform, and yes, I do read some stuff on there as well, though it isn't nearly as user friendly and doesn't come anywhere close to recreating the experience of reading an actual book.

Nevertheless, in the last two weeks, I've gone from long bouts of reading nothing to reading almost daily. I've blown through one book already and have three others rollicking along nicely. Thanks to ereader platforms, a lot is going to change in the publishing industry over the next few years, and I for one couldn't be happier. So, feeling inspired, I thought I would share what's currently in progress from my library:

Arcane Magazine

Good H.P. Lovecraft inspired short story magazine, available in both print and electronic forms (though limited to the Kindle). From "Gingerbread and Ashes" on, the stories are phenomenal. Nathan Shumate, who helps publish the 74-page collection, has an ear for what makes Lovecraft Lovecraft, and contributes a pretty solid effort himself. Cost is $2.99 for the ereader version and is worth every penny.

Trapped by Jack Kilborn

Mainstream author J.A. Konrath is sticking it to the man with this special edition that includes two versions of his twisted horror novel, both of which were too much for his traditional publisher. For $2.99, Konrath (writing as Kilborn) delivers more scares and gross-outs than you could possibly imagine. Terrific horror effort and unbelievable value for the price. There are enough differences between the two versions of the novel that it really is like reading two books for half the price of one.

Punish the Sinners by John Saul

Twisted, disturbing, and unforgettable, writer John Saul's second horror novel, written in 1989 or 1990, still packs a punch. This one runs about 384 pages and will cost you $7.99 in ereader format. Considering it is hard to find in print form anywhere nowadays, that isn't a bad price. Approaching a tad too expensive for the format, though, but still hovering in reasonable territory as far as I'm concerned.

The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe (all free, woo-hoo!)

Good addition. It's in five volumes and free of charge from iBooks. Kindle has the same option. Totally worth your time.

Write or Die by Scott Nicholson and various other contributors

Nicholson has published four comic series, 12 novels, and a slew of short stories. He makes his full time living through the ereader format pretty much, and if anyone is equipped to teach you how to start a writing career of your own in the digital age, it's this guy, and all of his contributor friends. It's also free. But while you're at it, pick up one of Scott's horror novels. He knows how to price these things, and he knows how to write. Whatever you buy from Nicholson will be worth your time and expense.


  1. I've started reading a lot more since I been using ereaders. I'm currently reading Paranormal America it's a sociological study of believers of the paranormal.

  2. Are you just reading on the Mac, or did you buy a dedicated device?

  3. Also, if you didn't download the free LA Noire short stories collection, you need to get on that ASAP.

  4. Saving up for that iPad, man. I'm on the iPhone reading at a level that's good for my eyesight right now, but I've seen that iPad in action, and there is no way I'm gonna be able to resist!

  5. Downloaded L.A. Noire, but not yet read it.